So, you have Mars in Sagittarius in the 2nd House?

Lucky you!

No, Seriously.

I’m a big fan of Mars and his ability to create big changes through bold motivation.

We can probably all remember at least one instance in life where something fired us up to the point that we could literally not sit still. Where you just had to release that fire.

Right. That. Very. Second.

The trick to harnessing this type of explosive energy, wicked courage I like to call it, is to channel it into the correct activities.

Given correct focus and direction, Mars can be your greatest ally.

Mars in Sagittarius in the 2nd House

It is through your enthusiastic and sincere seeking of knowledge that you transcend your current beliefs and self-imposed boundaries.

Generously teaching and sharing your wisdom allows you to burn away the enclosures that cap your earning potential. Spreading your unique genius and medicine paves the way for material expansion.

Leaning into your innate ability to share what you know, taking care to do so in a loving and encouraging way, can assist you in cultivating your passions into a fruitful and thriving Soul Purpose biz.

Do you have Mars in your 2nd House in Sagittarius?
I’d love to hear how you experience this energy in your life.

Drop a line in the comments, if you feel called to share.

As always, keep in mind that there are innumerable ways that cosmic energies can present themselves in an astrological chart. The information given in this post is only one possible interpretation.

One’s entire Natal Chart has to be taken into account to obtain a holistic view of your unique cosmic blueprint. I highly recommend booking a session with me if you are interested in learning more about your personal Natal Chart.

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