Mars in Libra in the 2nd House

Is Your Life a Constant Juggling Act or Have You Mastered the Art of Balance?

Mars in Libra can be a blessing, especially if you are a trailblazer, looking at life through a creative lens.

Libras harmonious vibe mingles with the assertiveness of Mars, leaving you with drive and motivation to follow things through with a clear head. When taken advantage of properly this energy can assist you in achieving your goals in record time.

You can often be found taking strong action to protect your idea of balance. If you notice that there is a part of your life off center, you may be prone to take drastic action in an attempt to reattain homeostasis as quickly as possible.

Balance is not a destination but an ideal. A centered position you maintain through conscious effort.

Keeping Yourself Centered is Key

Mars rules over our Root Chakra, pulling forth any imbalances in our stability and basic needs to the forefront of our life. Here we can not help but notice and make the needed changes.

Focus in on the day-to-day habits of your life. Dissecting and observing the little pieces while never losing sight of the whole.

Take special care to neglect neither your finances nor your own self care. Your ability to thrive and succeed depends greatly on both.

You know what you want and you have a keen idea on how to get it.

Mars energy which is sometimes combative and spicy can become transmuted into golden harmony by Libras never-ending quest for ambition, diplomacy and respect.

This lends you the courage and patience to break away from the pack and forge your own way, without sacrificing your ethics.

Harnessing this power allows you to actualize your own unique ideas into lucrative opportunities for personal and financial gains.

Do you have Mars in your 2nd House in Libra?
I’d love to hear how you experience this energy in your life. Drop a line in the comments, if you feel called to share.

As always, keep in mind that there are innumerable ways that cosmic energies can present themselves in an astrological chart. The information given in this post is only one possible interpretation. One’s entire Natal Chart has to be taken into account to obtain a holistic view of your unique cosmic blueprint. I highly recommend booking a session with me if you are interested in learning more about your personal Natal Chart.

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